• Man trying to hail a taxi (via Flickr user Linh Nguyen)

    The World Bank is teaming with ride-hailing companies to alleviate traffic congestion with data.

  • UCR's GPS System For Electric Cars
    Researchers Improve Electric Car Range: With Better GPS System

    Although electric cars are very energy efficient, electric car battery packs can’t store as much energy as a tank full of gasoline, resulting in much shorter driving range between fill-ups than a gas car. At present, engineers around the world are working on the problem, developing everything...

  • Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint
    TomTom Integrates Coulomb's Charging Map: We Have Concerns

    Consumers and automakers both know that range anxiety is a huge barrier standing between shoppers and electric vehicles. But soon, EV owners will have yet another tool in their anti-anxiety toolkit, and it comes from a partnership between GPS heavyweight TomTom and charging station manufacturer...

  • Pioneer AVIC-ZH09-MEV Satelite Navigation System
    Electric Car Navigation Gets Smart With Pioneering New GPS

    Practically every car on the market today ships with the option of a built-in GPS unit, letting the driver go anywhere without supposedly getting lost. But while satellite navigation systems have got a whole lot smarter in recent years, they are designed to be used in a gasoline car - not an...

  • Adopt a Highway
    Netherlands To Tax Miles Traveled, As Well As Gasoline

    One problem with raising fuel efficiency is that unless total miles driven rises radically, receipts from gasoline taxes will fall over time. And that poses a major problem for the steady stream of revenue needed for road construction and repairs. Taxing vehicle miles traveled has been one proposed...

  • EV 1957 Porsche 356 Replica
    VIDEO: Electric 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

    Sure, Porsche is planning an electric vehicle, but it won't be in showrooms for years, and it probably won't ever be as charming as this 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster. If a carbon neutral vintage Porsche replica turns you on, check out this eBay listing posted by Jack Rickard. Jack is an EV...

  • Traffic

    How would you like to save four days' worth of driving every year? According to a study by Navteq, which provides digital map, traffic, and location data, you can do that simply adding real-time traffic information to a navigation system that you use for every trip. Their findings show that adding traffic data to nav systems cut average driving time by 18 percent versus trips made by drivers without nav systems. The study used German drivers in Dusseldorf and Munich who hadn't previously owned a navigation device. It encompassed more than 2,100 separate trips over 12,000 miles, and almost 500...

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