General Services Administration

  • Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama may not achieve his goal of 1 million plug-in electric cars on U.S. roads by the end of 2015. But his administration continues to try to green the U.S. vehicle fleet. The latest salvo: The government's General Services Agency plans to add an additional 10,000 hybrid vehicles to its fleet of roughly 200,000 cars and trucks. Currently, the GSA operates roughly 10,700 hybrids, or slightly over 5 percent of its fleet. It purchased 919 last year. Participation in the program by the many different U.S. agencies that lease their vehicles from the GSA is voluntary. The agencies...

  • Toyota Prius at US Capitol, by Flickr user Izik
    Federal Government Saving Gas With Higher-MPG Vehicles Too

    You may recall a few weeks back we reported on police forces all around the nation downsizing their vehicle fleets from big and brawny V-8 sedans to a new-generation of V-6 sedans and SUVs. Turns out the federal government is following suit, switching its vehicle fleet from mostly full-size cars to...

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