• Tesla Semi

    An Instagram post by an "outdoor living design and construction firm serving the Chicago Southland" seems to confirm at least several hundred reservations for Tesla's new all-electric truck. Elemental Landscapes of Illinois posted a screenshot of its reservation for three Tesla Semi trucks, showing a reservation number EO000001230. If the reservation numbering system is sequential, Tesla could be sitting on a significant number of truck reservations before the all-electric hauler hits the road. DON'T MISS: Tesla Semi: 500-mile range, lower running costs than diesel... and it's fast What's not...

  • Teaser for Tesla semi truck debuting in September
    Tesla semi truck to test self-driving, capable of 'platooning': report

    With Tesla, there's always something new coming up to keep owners, buyers, and fans excited. The company's main task over the next year is to get its lower-priced Model 3 electric car into volume assembly at high quality, a process CEO Elon Musk has called "production hell." But there's more to...

  • Toyota 'Project Portal' proof-of-concept hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi tractor, for Port of LA
    Missing piece in global vehicle emission puzzle: heavy trucks

    A global push to reduce vehicle emissions and create cleaner air for future generations has been underway for half a century now. However, while many governments around the world have introduced lower emission and higher fuel-efficiency standards for passenger cars, another large contributor to...

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