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Ford Model T

  • Frame from Sierra Club video, 'Tell Ford to Put Clean Cars in the Fast Lane,' Jan 2018

    In a recent video posted to YouTube, environmental advocacy group The Sierra Club dialed up production values to call out Ford's lobbying efforts to roll back fuel-economy standards. The video showed a man getting into a modern-day Ford, starting the engine, then noting the shift lever had an array of reverse gears but no forward drive. When the man moved the lever down to where "Drive" should have been, his car was thrown backward and transformed into a Ford Model T. DON'T MISS: Ford CAFE rollback efforts, countering sustainability claims, slammed in Sierra Club video The on-screen text...

  • 1914 Ford Model T
    Alt-fuel history: Ford Model T wasn't designed for multiple fuels, really

    The myth surrounding the car that's credited with putting America on wheels simply isn't true: the Ford Model T was never meant to run fuels other than gasoline. The myth has circulated throughout the car's history, most recently thanks to the internet. It has mostly taken the form of a legend in...

  • 2001 Toyota Prius Sedan
    The 12 most influential green cars in history

    The automobile has been with us since 1885, but only over the last 50 years have governments started to face up to its ill effects on the environment. The world's major car markets have mostly now legislated increasing levels of fuel economy and reduced tailpipe emissions not only of gases directly...

  • 1914 Ford Model T
    Tesla Model S Electric Car Versus ... Ford Model T? A History Lesson

    Well, give Car and Driver points for high concept: In picking a car to test against a 2013 Tesla Model S luxury electric sedan, the magazine chose...a 1915 Ford Model T. Yep, the most advanced, most talked-about battery-electric vehicle on the planet was pitted against the car that put the world on...

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