Fiat TwinAir

  • Fiat Lussino plug-in hybrid [Image: Joseph Martinez/Coroflot]

    Like celebrity reality TV shows, concept cars are a tantalizing glimpse into a life we can approximate, but never fully enjoy ourselves. Take this Fiat Lussino concept, for example. "Lussino" is derived from the Italian word lusso, or "luxury". "Ino" makes it "small luxury". It's the work of LA-based industrial designer Joseph Martinez, and the compact sedan isn't a million miles away from the sort of product Fiat could sell alongside its 500 city car. Joseph's design renderings show the car compared to various vehicles--it's larger than a Fiat 500, around the same length as the MINI Clubman...

  • 2013 Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost live photos
    Getting Good Gas Mileage Is Hard; Will Tinier Engines Really Help?

    How small is too small, when it comes to engines? Those of the "no replacement for displacement" school of thought might be thinking more about performance than they are gas mileage, but at what point does downsizing actually start to harm gas mileage, rather than help it? As carmakers strive to...

  • Chrysler Ypsilon TwinAir
    Chrysler Ypsilon: All-Italian American Car U.S. Doesn't Get

    You'll no doubt be familiar with the term 'platform sharing', a name given to basic automotive architecture that finds itself used on a variety of models in a range, or even across manufacturers. The basic underpinnings of a Volkswagen Golf can also be found under an Audi TT, A3, Volkswagen Jetta...

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