Ferrari hybrid

  • 2009 Ferrari California

    Based on recent spy photos, Britain's Autocar believes that Ferrari is testing a hybrid drivetrain to be launched on an upcoming version of the Ferrari California.

  • Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid in action
    Why Are Luxury and Sports Brands Going Green? To Survive

    It was so much easier just a few short years ago. Luxury cars wafted and sports machines roared, with nary a thought to gasoline consumed. Hybrids were for weenies, and everyone knew their place. But now? A hybrid Ferrari, a hybrid Porsche race car, an electric BMW ... what is the world coming to?...

  • 2010 Opel Flextreme GT-E Concept
    2010 Geneva Motor Show: Green Car Concepts Roundup

    Yesterday we covered the new green production cars at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, now underway in snowy Switzerland. Today, we get to cover the cooler, sexier side of the show: concept cars! So, here's our roundup of notable green and advanced-technology concept cars at Geneva. Audi A1 e-tron...

  • Hybrid parking spot, by Flickr user rscottjones
    Most Popular Posts of 2009: Prius Perks, VW Golf TDI, Ethanol & Urine!

    Maybe you're already overloaded with end-of-year lists. But indulge us; this is the weirdest collection of most-popular articles we could ever have imagined. We've got urine. We've got Muslims and ethanol. We've got hybrid Ferraris. We've even got our ever-popular rant on why Miles-Per-Gallon is a...

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