Ferrari California

  • 2009 Ferrari California

    No, it's not pronounced "hell" ... although that word was heard from many Modena fans when news first broke that Ferrari was planning a hybrid-electric drivetrain in some models. The first fruits of Ferrari's wide-ranging quest to improve the fuel efficiency of its models was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last week: It's the Ferrari California convertible hardtop model fitted with a package the company calls HELE. The acronym, however you pronounce it, stands for High Efficiency Low Emissions, and it's likely to appear on other models sporting the prancing horse in the next few years. 453...

  • 2012 Range Rover Evoque
    2010 Paris Motor Show: Green Car Roundup of Production Models

    The fall's first big European auto show, the 2010 Paris Motor Show, officially kicks off on Thursday, which is when all the press conferences happen. But the industry has been leaking out selected images, teasers, and occasionally full details on the concepts and production cars that will appear...

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