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  • The Think City racer, with Kevin McCloud (left) and Roger Saul (right)

    The organizers behind the 2011 EVCup have just announced that its 2011 season has been cancelled, with further racing events held off indefinitely. Launched back in January last year, the EVCup promised all the thrills and spills of gasoline-fueled car racing, without any of the noxious gasses or noise. The idea was so well supported that even former BBC Top Gear ‘Stig” Ben Collins signed up to become a driver -- along with American Le Mans veterans and eco-champions Drayson Racing. Drayson Racing was drawn to the SportsEV race category, where specially-designed Westfield iRacer...

  • The Think City racer
    EVCup Gets Delayed: Electric Car Racing Series to Debut Late 2011 (BREAKING)

    We hate to say it, but the words “electric car” and “delayed” just appear too frequently together. As we approach the middle of 2011 we’ve seen lots of automakers slip behind on electric car schedules, whether that’s delayed launches, delays in deliveries or even...

  • Westfield iRacer
    EVCup Shifts a Gear as Le Mans Competitors Sign Up

    The American Le Mans Series may not be as popular or as iconic as NASCAR, but it is serious, big buck stuff. So when Le Mans race veterans announce their intent to compete in this year’s EVCup, we know the time to take all-electric motorsport seriously has arrived. Founded by Lord Drayson...

  • Ben Collins (The Stig)
    Life After Top Gear: “The Stig” Goes Electric, Joins EV Cup

    What happens when the masked marvel of the highly popular and highly anti-electric car BBC Show Top Gear leaves? He starts racing electric cars, of course. Since his fiery departure from the prime-time entertainment show after he unveiled his identity, racing driver and stuntman Ben Collins has...

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