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  • 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV  -  First Drive, Portland, July 2013

    By all indications, there will be an all-electric 2017 Chevrolet Sonic EV for which General Motors is targeting a range of 200 miles. And one of the keys to achieving such a range from a compact car will be a more energy-dense battery than those used today. DON'T MISS: GM's 200-Mile Electric Sonic EV For 2017: What We Know So Far: UPDATED One contender is clearly LG Chem, which now provides cells for both the Chevy Volt range-extended electric car and the Chevrolet Spark EV electric minicar, a compliance car sold only in a few states. But there's another company that might possibly provide...

  • Envia Battery Technology
    Collapse of Battery Startup Envia: What Really Happened

    The race to find battery technologies of the future is not one without casualties. The trail left behind Envia, one of the most promising battery startups in recent years, has left something more akin to a warzone--and even huge companies like General Motors have taken shrapnel during their...

  • Envia Battery Technology
    Envia's High-Energy Battery Cell Mired In Dispute, GM Cancels Deal

    Researchers and development firms regularly reveal battery-technology breakthroughs. Now, Envia Systems--one company that gained much public attention by promising such a breakthrough--faces two lawsuits. One claims that Envia stole its technology from other companies. And General Motors, which...

  • 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV prototype, Sausalito, CA, Nov 2012
    GM Working On 200-Mile Electric Car, Says CEO Akerson

    Last summer he dropped a hint that it might be possible. Now Dan Akerson has confirmed it: GM is working on an electric car with a 200-mile range, according to its CEO. The chief executive officer of General Motors made the comment yesterday at an energy conference, as reported in Reuters. He...

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