electromagnetic field (EMF)

  • X-ray of the thorax with a pacemaker in situ (credit: Lucien Monfils via Wikimedia)

    The first internal pacemakers were developed in the 1950s. Heart patients were naturally skeptical: How does it run? Will the battery die? Can I be electrocuted? Just two decades later, the devices had become commonplace. The Six-Million Dollar Man went prime time, and humanity was making its first wobbly steps into the field of bionics when a problem suddenly arose: reports of pacemaker malfunctions were being reported in patients who stood near microwave ovens. Thankfully, those days are gone. The improved shielding of both pacemakers and microwaves has eliminated any potential for the two...

  • cigarettes, taken by Flickr user Schnella Schnyder
    Do Toyota Prius Hybrids Cause Cancer? [sigh] No, They Don't.

    Auto "influencers" are the people you ask whenever you have a car question. By virtue of editing AllAboutPrius.com and other High Gear Media sites, we're known as sort of a de facto influencer. And so we get some of the most random questions you can imagine. The latest was from the mother of a High...

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