Electric Car Rentals

  • Shanghai Disney Resort

    Chinese carmaker SAIC is providing vehicles for the Shanghai Disney Resort.

  • Vukee Car Tesla Model S car-sharing service
    Startup Vukee Hopes To Crowd-Fund Tesla Car Sharing Service

    Not everyone can afford a Tesla Model S, but if you had the opportunity to drive one whenever you wanted, that might be a pleasing alternative to ownership. Startup Vukee Car hopes to offer a service that lets you do just that, and is crowd-funding to raise cash to offer Model S car-sharing. ALSO...

  • Kandi electric car (Image: Kandi Technologies Group)
    Kandi Chinese Electric-Car Sharing Service Expands To Larger Cities

    Who says electric cars aren't working in China? Certainly not Kandi, whose electric car-sharing service--that hires out electric vehicles from vending-machine like buildings--is proving profitable and moving into other Chinese cities. Kandi's service started off in the Chinese city of Hangzhou...

  • Hertz electric-car rental press event, New York City, September 2010
    Want To Rent An Electric Car? You Probably Won't For Long

    Over the last few years, several large rental firms have helped the electric car cause by adding plug-in vehicles to their rental fleets. In theory, it's the ideal people to get people into electric cars in general--some seat time is usually enough to convince people that EVs are the way to go. The...

  • Nissan New Mobility Concept (Twizy) on the island of Teshima, Japan (Image: Nissan EV on Facebook)
    Nissan's Twizy Urban Electric Car Tour's Japan's Vacation Spots

    When we first drove Renault's tiny Twizy electric car on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, we got the impression it'd be at its best in some of Europe's warmer climates. In fact, it could be the ideal vacation island rental car. Simple to operate, economical to use, that wind-in-your-hair...

  • Cambio Autodelen TV ad for electric car rental [screen capture]
    Is Belgian Granny Sex Rap The Key To Selling Electric Cars? (Video)

    Take one very small Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric minicar with a flower decal on the side. Fold in three severe Belgian elderly ladies with disapproving looks. Incorporate one blatantly obvious occurrence of plumber butt in public. Then add one young motorcycle police officer to the resulting mix...

  • 2013 Renault Zoe electric car

    Europe has been the source of some excitement over electric cars in recent months, as several new models have all hit the market in quick succession. The third-generation Smart Electric Drive arrived at the end of last year, and the last few months have seen the new Renault Zoe and 2013 Nissan Leaf debut in Europe too. But is Europe's upturn in electric car sales--3,785 vehicles in January and February, compared to 2,723 over the same period in 2012--mostly down to rental fleets? Neil Winton, writing in The Detroit News, seems to think so. But we're not so sure. It's true that electric car...

  • Car2Go Smart ForTwo Electric Drive in San Diego
    Car2Go: Electric Car Rentals Top 6,000 Registrations In 100 Days

    Certain parts of the media would have you believe that slow electric car sales indicate that no-one wants to drive electric cars. Not so, says all-electric car sharing service Car2Go, which has announced over 6,000 user registrations in its first 100 days. Founded last year by Daimler North America...

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