• Achates opposed-piston two-stroke diesel engine, as it would be packaged for truck installation

    Suppose you could take an old engine concept discarded in the 1970s, add modern fuel metering and injection control hardware and software, and offer a compact powerplant that cuts the fuel consumption of today's diesel truck engines by a third.. That's the promise of Achates Power, which has been working for a decade on its horizontally opposed two-stroke diesel truck engine. Now, it says, the company expects to announce its first pilot program with a global engine or vehicle maker within 18 months--almost surely outside the U.S. And it hopes to have a large-scale production contract with a...

  • EcoMotors OPOC engine diagram
    China To Build EcoMotors' Efficient Opposed-Piston Engines

    History makes fools of us all sometimes, none more so than when we dismiss certain ideas out of hand, only for them to come back years later and eat our words. That's why we're always intrigued by companies claiming to reinvent the engine. One of them might well do so, given the right resources...

  • EcoMotors OPOC engine diagram
    Bill Gates Backs EcoMotors’ New OPOC Engine With $23.5 Million Investment

    Throughout the history of the internal combustion engine there have been a multitude of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs shouting claims about revolutionary new engine designs promising greater efficiency, more power, fewer emissions and lower production and running costs. However, to this...

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