Driving Schools

  • Norway's Driving School Leaf

    Do you remember learning to drive? The chances are, like us, you learned to drive in a gasoline car, even if you drive an electric car today. Last month however, Norwegian Solveig Marie Ødegård became the first person in the world to learn to drive and pass her test in an all-electric car, the 2012 Nissan Leaf. Unlike the daughter of contributor Michael Thwaite, who made a few tentative attempts in a Honda Insight before switching to an all-electric car, Ødegård has never driven a gasoline car in her life. “First I looked at this as a duty, since someone in...

  • Bridgestone Driving School
    Teaching Fuel Efficiency In Driving School: Smart, or Satanic?

    Driving school is often a drag for participants. But as long as you're learning to drive, it might not hurt to learn a bit about how to identify more fuel-efficient cars and driving tactics to save gasoline, right? Wrong. It's a distraction and irrelevant, since "so-called environmental...

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