• BMW using 1-Series and MINI Cooper in DriveNow initiative

    In case you haven't heard: car sharing is big business. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of car-sharing companies. Zipcar -- America's pioneer in the sector -- represents one type, which is similar to a traditional rental car business, except it operates on a membership model. Renters pay annual dues, which give them access to the company's fleet of vehicles that can be rented by the hour on very short notice and with very little hassle. The other kind of car-sharing company has been made possible by smartphones and allows individual car owners to loan their vehicles to car-less...

  • Mini and BMW 1-Series offered through BMW's DriveNow car-sharing service
    BMW: The Newest 'Ultimate Car-Sharing Machine'? Maybe Soon

    Oh, those wacky Germans and their car-sharing schemes. BMW said yesterday that it would launch a pilot car-sharing program, first in Munich and then in Berlin, starting next month. The cooperative venture with Sixt AG will be called DriveNow. BMW says DriveNow will be the "first-ever car-sharing...

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