Dodge Hornet

  • 2013 Dodge compact sedan - cropped

    With just six weeks to go before the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, where Chrysler will unveil its critically important 2013 Dodge compact sedan, we still know relatively little about it. We've seen a spy shot, and last week we learned that the new model won't be called the Dodge Hornet, a name we rather liked. “Hornet will not be the name," according to Reid Biglund, who runs the Dodge brand, talking to The Detroit News, Turns out there are several other candidates for the new model's name, though. According to enthusiast site AllPar, they are: Dodge Dart Dodge Duster Dodge Camber and even...

  • 2013 Dodge compact sedan - cropped
    2013 Dodge Compact Sedan: More Info On Chrysler's Most Crucial Car

    The most important car that will be unveiled at next January's Detroit Auto Show may be the new 2013 compact sedan from Dodge, the first all-new vehicle designed by the combined Chrysler-Fiat companies. This morning, spy shots have leaked out and GreenCarReports has a small nugget of information on...

  • 2006 Dodge Hornet concept
    40 MPG Dodge Compact Coming In Early 2012

    Ford has the Fiesta, Chevrolet the new Cruze Eco and soon the next-generation Aveo but what car does Dodge have for customers looking for something affordable that also gets more than 40 mpg in fuel economy? Some would say that Chrysler will be offering the new Fiat 500 but this model is likely to...

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