Distracted Driving

  • Wrecked Toyota Prius owned by Elizabeth James, photo by Ted James, from Houston Press

    We spend a fair amount of time here defending Toyota Prius drivers, who seem to have a bad reputation for slow and inept driving. We point out that gentle acceleration gets you there almost as quick and saves you money, despite the angry SUV driver 18 inches off the rear bumper. But then something happens that makes us think perhaps the reputation is deserved. In this case, a 19-year-old Toyota Prius driver hit two motorcyclists while attempting to shoot cell-phone video of a group of bikers out for an 8 am ride yesterday morning. The incident, which took place on Highway 101 on the San...

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    2011 Ford Fiesta Gets Sync Voice Control for Smartphone Apps

    Well, you can't say Ford (NYSE:F) isn't pulling out all the stops to ensure the launch of its subcompact 2011 Ford Fiesta will be a smashing success. The last piece of news to trickle out of the Ford machine is that the 2011 Fiesta four-door sedan and five-door hatchback will be the first Fords to...

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