• Datsun Go - Budget subcompact for Indian market (Photo courtesy of Motorbeam)

    The first new Datsun of the 21st Century is here, though it may not be quite how you remember the brand from its heyday. Datsuns always represented good value, but this time around they're really banging the budget drum. The new Go, previewed a few weeks ago in sketches, will sell for well under $7,000 when it goes on sale in India in early 2014. While the Indian market is awash with cheap new cars--the Tata Nano being a prime example--such vehicles are often significantly below par compared to their European equivalents, a byproduct of a market where consumers value simple transport above...

  • New Datsun subcompact unveiled in India on July 15
    New Datsun Budget Car Revealed In Sketches, Eastern Markets Only

    Many drivers have fond memories of Datsun cars from the 1970s and 80s, and their modern-day values are testament to the brand's endearing simplicity and fun. Whether the newest Datsun--seen here in official sketches and due to be revealed in India on July 15th--will continue those traits is...

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