• Porsche Design Group P9522 mobile phone

    It's a well-known problem among electric car owners: accumulating the memberships and authorization cards from enough charging networks in your area so you're sure to have the right one when you pull up to a charging station. Now a new company, Liberty Plug-Ins, suggests that maybe all those cards and tags and fobs aren't necessary. Liberty wants to let you use your mobile phone to get an authorization code for any charging station, meaning you could leave the key-ring of cards at home. The company's core technology is a Synchronous Code Generation system that gives users a code that will...

  • Ecotality Blink Level 2 residential charging station for electric cars
    Sprint To Connect Ecotality’s Electric-Car Chargers Nationwide

    Electric car charging company Ecotality announced today it has partnered with Sprint to its electric car charging stations. The partnership will make stations searchable on GPS and will enable billing services and the ability to track data on charging habits. This is one of many examples in recent...

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