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  • Blink network  -  charging by the kWh

    It's not unheard of for the fans of well-loved brands—e.g. Tesla—to decide to buy shares in the company. It's somewhat less common for companies to reach out to their customers en masse and pitch all of them on buying shares in the company. That's apparently what the Blink charging network has done, according to numerous posts in electric-car forums from members who use its stations. DON'T MISS: Got A Blink Charging Station? ChargePoint Offers Up To $2,200 For You To Switch (Oct 2013) Many electric-car drivers who enrolled in the Blink network to use its public charging stations...

  • Parking lot
    How To Site Electric-Car Charging Stations? It's The Parking, Stupid

    With the recent bankruptcies of charging-station network Ecotality and Israeli electric-car service Better Place, plug-in advocates have quietly discussed whether any business model exists for public electric-car charging stations. But suppose it 's not about the charging at all? Suppose it's about...

  • ECOtality DC fast charger  -  Portland, OR
    Car Charging Group Buys Ecotality Electric-Car Charging Network For $3.3 Million

    Troubled electric-car charging company Ecotality's Blink network will be bought by the Car Charging Group

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