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    Startup plug-in vehicle maker Bright Automotive announced today that it is closing down. While General Motors had invested $5 million in the company, Bright had relied on the hope that the U.S. Department of Energy would grant it low-interest loans under the advanced-technology vehicle manufacturing program. A letter from its CEO and COO to Energy Secretary Steven Chu notes that the Indiana company has waited more than three years for a DoE verdict on applications it submitted in December 2008. 'Unacceptable to us and our investors' "Last week, we received the fourth 'near final' Conditional...

  • Bright IDEA plug-in hybrid delivery van, prototype
    GM-Backed Bright Idea Plug-In Hybrid Van To Be Built By AM General

    How times change. Startup Bright Automotive announced last week that, once the company completes its funding, its advanced plug-in hybrid Idea delivery van would be assembled under contract by AM General. That's the outfit that built the Humvee and Hummer, and spawned the now-defunct HUMMER brand...

  • Ann Marie Sastry, CEO of startup lithium-ion cell maker Sakti3
    GM Ventures Invests In Startup Michigan Battery Cell Maker

    If nothing else, the new, post-bankruptcy General Motors is quicker moving than the old one. The latest proof? GM Ventures, its venture-investment arm, has quietly invested $3.2 million in Sakti3, Inc. Founded in 2007 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company develops "next-generation"...

  • Bright IDEA plug-in hybrid delivery van, prototype
    Not-A-Big-Surprise Dept: Bright Confirms Switch to GM Engines

    When GM Ventures announced it would invest an unspecified amount of money into startup hybrid truck-maker Bright Automotive, several of us noted that the prototype Bright Idea delivery van used an 2.0-liter engine and transmission from a Dodge Caliber. The announcement two weeks ago from General...

  • Bright IDEA plug-in hybrid delivery van, prototype
    GM Invests In Plug-In Hybrid Truckmaker Bright Automotive

    General Motors announced today that it will invest in startup Bright Automotive, which hopes to start final production engineering of its Idea plug-in hybrid delivery van design later this year. GM Ventures, the automaker's venture investing arm, already provided funds to Bright this week; formal...

  • Smart IDEA plug-in hybrid delivery van prototype
    100-MPG Bright Idea Delivery Van: Now With 40 Electric Miles!

    Back in April, startup company Bright Automotive unveiled its design for a plug-in hybrid light delivery truck. Now, we've had a chance to drive the prototype, briefly, just as Bright raised its electric range to 40 miles. Our test vehicle was the only Bright IDEA van prototype built thus far by...

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