BMW iNext

  • Tesla Model Y  -  introduction, Hawthorne CA, March 2019

    Electric cars are starting to roll out from German automakers. Volkswagen gave a name to its new electric hatchback, and started taking orders. And Mercedes-Benz rolled the first electric EQC SUV off its assembly line in Germany. Details emerged of Fiat Chrysler's deal with Tesla to share emissions credits. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Volkswagen opened its order banks for its first of a new generation of electric cars, the ID 3 electric hatchback, albeit only in Europe. Mercedes-Benz also launched its new EQC electric SUV in Europe, with the first example rolling off the assembly...

  • Rendering of BMW i5 electric crossover utility vehicle, from patent drawings [Indian Autos Blog]
    If BMW i5 is canceled, what does that mean for its electric cars?

    When it launched in 2013, the BMW i3 electric car was arguably the most futuristic automobile in mass production anywhere in the world. Its all-electric powertrain could be ordered with an optional range-extending engine, and it rode on an aluminum chassis topped with a strong but lightweight body...

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