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  • 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, Los Angeles, August 2012

    Over the past decade, hybrid electric cars have gone from being niche market vehicles for movie stars and green thinkers to everyday vehicles that can save you big money on your gas bill. In fact, with more hybrid cars to choose from than ever before, there’s never a better time to make the switch from a regular gasoline car to a hybrid. But how is a hybrid different from a regular gas car? How do they work, and do you need special skills to drive them? Hybrid Cars: Should You Buy One? The Pros And Cons Different names, similar concepts While there are several different types of hybrid...

  • 2011 Lexus HS 250h
    Five New 2012 Hybrid Cars To Consider Steering Clear Of

    Say "hybrid car," and most people think Toyota Prius. The Japanese maker has sold roughly 3 million Prius models worldwide since 1997, which is more than half of all the hybrids in the world. The 2012 Toyota Prius remains the gold standard among hybrid-electric vehicles, with three of its four...

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