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    Earlier this week, Cnet published a story claiming that the European version of the Chevrolet Volt, the 2012 Vauxhall Ampera, was no more environmentally friendly than an ordinary gasoline car. Aiming to debunk Vauxhall's miles-per-charge and fuel economy claims, the article cited British blogger Ben Rose, whose website Jaffa’s Juicy Bits proclaimed that the Ampera was “Any Colour but Green”. Since then, many electric vehicle fans have accused Rose of a lack of journalistic integrity. They claim that his job at Toyota Financial Services -- one he has only occasionally...

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    Help Plug In America, MBA Student Analyze Social Media EV Role

    As you'll no doubt be aware, websites such as AllCarsElectric and our sister site GreenCarReports use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to allow our readers to keep up to date with the latest EV and green car news. We aren't alone, either. Companies like Nissan, GM, THINK, Smart and various...

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