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  • Uber-owned Jump electric bike-share

    Plug-in luxury-car maker Karma brought in a new design house to carry it into the future. Germany revealed a plan to impose a national speed limit on its famously unlimited autobahns. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers how soon they expect Ford to come through with an electric F-Series pickup. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The performance community looks to be getting the electrification message. Chrysler CEO Mike Manly announced that the next version of the Dodge Challenger muscle car will ditch is signature big V-8 for a smaller engine with boost from an electric motor...

  • CitiBike NYC racks in Manhattan, by Margaret Bedore (CC 3.0)
    Will NYC's CitiBike Shared Bicycles Get Add-On Electric Power?

    ShareRoller is a removable friction-drive motor that could help energize morning commutes.

  • CitiBike NYC racks in Manhattan, by Margaret Bedore (CC 3.0)
    Renewable 'Pedal Power' To Light Times Square Ball Tonight

    Never let it be said that New York City doesn't get everything it can out of its 50 million-plus tourist visitors each year. In this case, it's pedal-powered energy to offset the roughly 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity consumed by the famous lighted ball that drops to signal the New Year. Times...

  • Smart ebike electric bicycle
    NYC Bans Electric Bikes (Again), Launches Bike Sharing System

    About a month ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill that banned electric bikes from the city's streets. (Like all bikes, they're also banned from sidewalks--not that every rider seems to know that.) And as a Navigant Research blog post points out, e-bikes were already illegal...

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