Biased reporting

  • Frame from 'Running on E,' Full Measure segment on electric cars, Dec 2015

    "Billions of your tax dollars were spent to put a million electric cars on the road by the end of this year. You might be outraged when you hear what happened." Sounds shocking, doesn't it? Also perhaps vaguely reminiscent of 2011 and 2012, when uninformed, context-free, and factually-wrong "news" stories emerged about the Chevrolet Volt and, by extension, any electric car? DON'T MISS: The Five Most Ignorant Media Myths About Electric Cars Well, as they say, "It's baaaaaack!" The December 6th episode of Full Measure, which calls itself "a broadcast focusing on investigative, original and...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Volt
    Eric Bolling Doesn't Know How The Volt Works, Even After Driving One

    Imagine the horror. There you are, driving your electric car through the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan from New Jersey. Your battery pack gives up its last few electrons, so your car slows to a halt in the narrow tube, blocking traffic, causing a cacophony of curses and horn-honking. That's the...

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