• Mercedes-Benz EQ electric car concept  [photo: Axel Harries]

    It's not only electric cars: China is also now the world's largest market for luxury cars. Audi got an early foothold among party officials and high-ranking government officials, but the allure of global brands has ensured that Mercedes-Benz and BMW sell lots of cars there as well. Now, Mercedes parent company Daimler is combining its local manufacturing operations with plans for electric cars. DON'T MISS: China will have lots of electric cars, but no maker knows what market wants The company has announced it will build electric cars in the Mercedes-Benz factory it operates with its partner...

  • Image of a car on the Atieva website
    Tesla, Faraday: Meet Atieva, Your Newest Electric-Car Rival

    Seems like starting an electric car company making luxury vehicles is all the rage in Silicon Valley these days. Tesla Motors, of course, is now well-established, although its Southern California counterpart Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy and is now hoping for resurrection under a new owner...

  • Fisker Atlantic concept unveiling before New York Auto Show, April 2012
    Yet Another Chinese Suitor For Fisker: BAIC Kicks The Tires

    We haven't heard much about Fisker Automotive in the last few months. The company still hasn't declared bankruptcy, it hasn't yet been bought, and it is still apparently in default on its Department of Energy loans. But now there's a new suitor who's at least kicking the tires. According to China...

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