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    A week ago, the EPA recommended that U.S. vehicle emission standards stay put for the years 2022 through 2025. According to the Technical Assessment Report the agency issued in July, automakers have so far quite successfully met standards in place since 2012 to cut emissions of the climate-change gas carbon dioxide. And, the report concluded, they have been able to do so at lower cost than projected, with fewer hybrid and electric cars than the industry had feared it would need to build. DON'T MISS: EPA decides to maintain vehicle emission limits through 2025 But the agency's early...

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    Automaker lobbyist group predicts doom, gloom over CAFE

    An automaker lobbyist group believes CAFE rules aren't realistic.

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    More Ethanol In Gasoline: 'Minimal Risk' To Old Cars, Study Says

    We've written before about just how worried automakers are at proposals by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to increase the ethanol content of pump gasoline from 10 to 12 or even 15 percent. They fear it will damage older cars whose engines and fuel systems were never designed to handle...

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    Caring Auto Industry Won't Let You Be Bullied By Nasty Old EPA

    Reading the news in our automotive world never fails to surprise and delight. Take, for example, our discovery of the soliticitousness exhibited by automakers who care deeply about the delicate and fragile feelings of car buyers. Yes, those same car buyers from whom an independent dealer's job is...

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    More Ethanol in Gasoline Bad For Existing Cars, Say Automakers

    Adding more ethanol to gasoline may help the U.S. meet a Congressional mandate to use more of the renewable fuel, but it could damage many of the cars now on the road, say automakers. Last year, U.S. vehicle manufacturers went public with their alarm that the EPA might increase the permissible...

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