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    "You have power, you have energy, you have emissions: You get to choose two of them." That's the conundrum facing diesel-engine engineers, as summarized by Don Hillebrand, the director of energy systems research at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. And the VW diesel emission cheating scandal shows just how tough those tradeoffs become in this era of tightening corporate average fuel-economy standards and stringent emissions regulations. DON'T MISS: VW Diesel Emission Scandal: Five Possible Long-Range Effects Hillebrand is quoted in a nice "explainer" post on Live Sciences that looks at...

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    Adding Urea To Clean Diesel Cars: Can I Just Pee In The Tank?

    We get punchy around High Gear Media occasionally, and sometimes we BS back and forth about topics less salubrious than, say, fuel efficiency and lowering our oil dependency. Which is how the following question came up: If the urea runs low in my new clean-diesel car, can I just pee in the tank to...

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    Pee Power: Could Urine Help Charge EVs?

    Could a compound in urine be used to generate electricity, even for vehicles? It's a possibility. According to a report, two postdocs at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, are generating electricity with a new type of fuel-cell prototype—one that uses urea, or carbamide, a...

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