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  • Toyota Prius body damage

    When we wrote about the debate over whether silent electric vehicles should have noise legislated into them, we obviously hit a nerve. Now EV enthusiast Mark Larsen has added further data to his original analysis of 1994-2008 traffic death figures from the Fatality Reporting System maintained by the NHTSA. He added a new analysis of injury data, not just fatalities. At speeds below the 15 miles per hour where electric-drive vehicles may be hard to hear, collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are far more likely to result in injury than death. And, he also adjusted the injury and death...

  • Toyota Prius body damage
    Sounds For Silent EVs: Solving a Problem That May Not Exist

    It's a wonderful TV news flash: Blind people in peril from killer electric cars! News at 11. The fear is that electric vehicles are so silent that blind people can't hear them coming, so new draft safety regulations may now require electric vehicles to emit sounds. There's just one problem...

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