• Image from 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric-car ad by Ourisman Chevrolet, Rockville, Maryland

    More Americans think most cars will be able to drive themselves in 10 years than the number who think most cars will be electric in that time frame. That's according to a survey released Thursday by AAA, the nation's leading automobile club and provider of roadside assistance. According to the organization's latest Green Car Guide, only 40 percent think that most cars will be electric by 2029, while 50 percent told AAA in a survey in March that they thought most cars will be self-driving by then. READ THIS: AAA says interest in electric cars rivals pickups: so where are the sales? AAA puts...

  • Electric car testing in Norway
    Cold-weather EV range: Polar Vortex, AAA, local news paint a bleak picture; don't panic!

    If you plan to drive an EV in winter weather you’ll need to charge more often to avoid “being stranded by a dead battery.” So sums AAA about its report on electric vehicle range, released this past week, which resulted in a very useful data set underscoring the reality of how EV...

  • Tesla Model 3 design prototype  -  reveal event  -  March 2016
    Plug-in electric car sales to double in 2018: predictions

    Despite a slower-than-expected start, plug-in electric cars are gaining momentum on the North American market. Not only are sales rising, so is consumer interest: according to a survey by AAA, shoppers’ interest in electric and plug-in hybrid cars is now neck to neck with that of pickup...

  • 2017 Toyota Prius Prime
    AAA says interest in electric cars rivals pickups: so where are the sales?

    Although fuel prices remain relatively cheap in most areas of the United States, it seems that interest in electric vehicles may be growing. According to a new survey from AAA, interest in electric vehicles among American consumers now rivals that for full-size pickup trucks. However, if that's the...

  • No spare tire
    Downside Of Higher Gas Mileage: AAA Slams 'Disappearing' Spare Tires

    AAA bemoans the replacement of spare tires as a weight-saving measure.

  • AAA's Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging truck
    Electric Car Running Flat? The AAA Has You Covered

    You want to drive an all-electric car, but you've got range anxiety: the fear that you'll run out of charge in the middle of no where, miles away from the nearest charging station. Now there's a solution that lets you drive an all-electric car and know you'll not get stranded without hope. Enter...

  • Google and DOE map of alternative fuel locations

    Most drivers who grew up before the era of navigation systems and online mapping will remember TripTiks, the strip maps with highlighted routes that local AAA offices would provide to travelers before they set out on driving vacations. The AAA doesn't give out nearly so many paper maps these days, and its TripTik service is now an app for mobile devices or an online function on the AAA's website. In the spirit of keeping up with the evolving world of 21st-century transportation, AAA has now begun to identify electric-car charging station sites in its digital mapping tools. It's one of several...

  • AAA's Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging truck
    Your Electric Car Out Of Juice? AAA Tests Roadside Recharging

    Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and we’re sure most drivers have run out of gasoline at least once in their life. But as the saying goes, it's hard to carry a gallon of electricity back to your plug-in car if the battery is completely out of charge. Which is why AAA is now testing...

  • AAA's Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging truck
    Feeling Flat? The AAA Will Soon Be Able To Charge You Up

    What happens when your electric car runs out of charge? It’s a question we regularly get asked by readers and its one that for a while, there’s only been one real solution. Just like a gasoline car, you need to make sure you have enough fuel to make your trip. But everyone makes...

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