2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid

  • Toyota Aqua Cross Concept (Prius C) at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

    The car we know as the Toyota Prius C, the smallest and least expensive member of the Prius hybrid family, has a different name in Japan: Aqua. And the Aqua has been a roaring sales success in Japan, which led Toyota to produce no fewer than four Aqua concept cars showing additional models and trim levels that could be spun out of the basic vehicle. Three of the four concepts are largely trim and styling variations on the standard five-door hatchback, using new lights, bumpers, paint, and interior trims to produce a surprisingly diverse array of variations on a theme. The exception is the...

  • Leaked 2012 Toyota Aqua Brochure: (Source: CarScoop)
    Whoops: 2012 Toyota Prius C Compact Hybrid Shown In Brochure Leak

    In the automotive industry, leaks about an upcoming product normally fall into two categories: genuine mess-ups, or a purposeful, pr-driven leak designed to give a new car extra attention. But we the latest leak from Japan -- an entire Toyota Aqua Hybrid sales brochure -- falls squarely in the...

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