Ford gives its electric truck a big price cut. Europe plans to expand charging infrastructure—and hydrogen fueling. Tesla and BYD are reportedly considering an expansion into India. And Tesla made at least one Cybertruck. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A nearly $10,000 price cut on the Ford F-150 Lightning means that at $51,990, the base Lightning Pro costs only 25% more than it did last year.

Tesla has announced that it’s made the first Cybertruck in Austin—although it included no details on the eagerly anticipated electric truck or even whether this indicates mass production will ramp up any earlier. We’ll look for more details at the company’s quarterly update Wednesday. 

According to a report, Tesla and BYD are seeking to make affordable EVs in India—not together, but independently. Tesla might potentially use India as an export base, reportedly, while BYD might be pursuing a partnership with a local company that could include batteries and a full line of EVs.

And the EU has added new requirements for more closely spaced DC fast-charging stations in Europe—along with a charging network supporting heavy-duty trucks and a requirement for hydrogen fueling stations by 2031.


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