Ford looks to AR to educate its F-150 Lightning reservation-holders. Volvo's CO2-footprint deep dive on its latest EV shows some takeaways for anyone going electric. And Kia shows a boxy electric SUV in its future. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Kia has teased the Concept EV9, an electric SUV that’s due for an LA auto show reveal next week. The boxy EV9, which at least in silhouette appears to take after the popular Telluride, points to the look of one of several fully electric models due to follow the EV6 that’s arriving soon. 

Among the 160,000 reservations Ford has already gathered for the 2022 F-150 Lightning electric pickup, nearly 80% have never owned a pickup before and 56%  haven’t owned a Ford vehicle. To help those newbies get ready, it’s turning to Google Cloud–based augmented reality. 

Volvo is producing some stark, by-the-books carbon-footprint assessments for its vehicles, and the one released last week for the C40 Recharge underscores some points that extend to all EVs—especially that lifetime CO2 footprint for EVs will keep getting better as the energy mix shifts to renewables. 

And over at Motor Authority: GM has provided an update on the number of Cadillac dealerships that decided to cash out completely, rather than go electric. More than a third opted to exit.


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