As it begins customer deliveries of the R1T electric pickup truck, Rivian has revealed more details of its subscription program for charging and other ownership perks.

Per the company's website, the Rivian Membership includes unlimited LTE connectivity access, as well as unlimited free charging, including DC fast-charging on what the company calls the Rivian Adventure Network, and Level 2 AC charging at stations dubbed Waypoints.

In keeping with Rivian's outdoorsy branding, many of those charging stations will be located off the beaten path, encouraging owners to go on outdoor adventures. Both the R1T and its upcoming R1S SUV sibling top 300 miles of range.

In addition, Rivian said it would match all electricity used to charge customer vehicles with renewable-energy purchases. That includes home charging and charging at "partner network" sites, where the source of electricity is out of Rivian's direct control.

Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

Many automakers offer roadside assistance, but Rivian is taking that concept a step further with Adventure Extraction, which sends a recovery vehicle should owners get stuck on an off-road trail. More conventional roadside assistance and Charge Assurance for drivers who get stuck too far away from a charging station, are also included.

"As our membership grows, we’ll continue adding benefits, including drive modes, enhanced vehicle capabilities, in-cabin content and gatherings at Rivian spaces and events," the company's website said.

It's worth noting that the terms and conditions section describes this as a "beta membership," implying that even the services launching now might not be set in stone.

Auxiliary batteries and truck-to-truck charging have long been mentioned as part of the tech Rivian is developing, so we'd be surprised not to see these tech pieces used by Rivian Membership.