Could an edgy-looking electric pickup be next for Fisker after the late-2022 rollout of the Ocean electric crossover?

CEO Henrik Fisker last week suggested that the next model might be a lifestyle-oriented electric pickup truck. Based on the first sketch of the project released last week, it appears that the truck might ride on the same platform as the Ocean—the 300-mile crossover that’s being fast-tracked on a platform developed with the expertise of Magna, which will assemble the model in Europe. 

Although supporting details were limited to a Tweet this time, Fisker told Green Car Reports last month that a pickup was indeed one of the possibilities, though not necessarily the next to arrive. The use of the word "might" suggests either that a decision hasn't yet been made or the company is too early along to be revealed. 

“We’re pretty much looking at every exciting segment where we can go in and we feel that we can come up with a vehicle which is significantly different and maybe even brings a new twist to the segment,” he said. 

“I think we’re doing it with the Ocean, you know; there isn’t a real SUV-looking electric vehicle out there,” added Fisker. “All the others look more like crossovers or are extremely expensive.”

Computer-generated image of Fisker Alaska pickup truck - Photo credit: Henrik Fisker/Twitter

Computer-generated image of Fisker Alaska pickup truck - Photo credit: Henrik Fisker/Twitter

The designs will become edgier in these follow-up models, according to Fisker. “The next three vehicles we are planning will be extremely unique in each of their segments, and they will also have a lot more radical designs than the Ocean,” he said, when asked about the role of a truck rendering badged "Alaska" was shown last year.

Fisker said he’s already sketching those three, and at the modeling stage with some of them “because we’re going to kick these programs off fairly soon as we want to come out with probably our next vehicle already sometime in late 2023.”

In addition to the most radical of them all, the Tesla Cybertruck, the Fisker truck would arrive within a year of other trucks from GM, Ford, Rivian, Lordstown, and perhaps others. 

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

The Ocean is slated to cost $37,499 and offer a range of 300 miles. Fisker has already suggested that the Ocean will offer sustainability, efficiency, and a cohesive style that Fisker has a strong record of delivering. Previous products and the former Fisker Automotive have been marred by business-related issues, however. 

Fisker as a company still has much to prove, and the scope of the company’s product plan could have much to do with the success of the company’s stock; it went public in October