One of the greatest comebacks in this trend-breaking year has been the resurgence of the drive-in movie. 

And the best kind of modern vehicle to take in a drive-in movie is an electric car.

Hemmings recently outlined several style-setting ways to go to the drive-in movies—including a 1955 Pontiac Starchief, a 1969 Chevrolet El Camino SS, a 1974 AMC Matador wagon, or a 1966 International Harvester Scout. 

Aside from those irresistible ways to play the part and go retro with a trip to the drive-in movies, EVs are a better match than anything that involves gasoline and tailpipes.

Capital District EV Drivers drive-in movie night in Greenville, NY [CREDIT: Scott Edward Anson]

Capital District EV Drivers drive-in movie night in Greenville, NY [CREDIT: Scott Edward Anson]

That’s because in an EV you can roll up the windows and run the climate control without having to turn on a noisy engine—which is prohibited at some drive-ins once the movie starts.

Most EVs—like the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, for instance, or the BMW i3—also have a lower hoodline that allows a better view out than vehicles that were conceived to have an engine up front.

Tesla vehicles even have a Camp Mode that allows extended use of the climate control and accessories. 

Socially distanced times have dictated that catching a movie from your car isn’t just the safer way to stay the distance and watch it on the big screen; with traditional movie theaters closed in much of the U.S., it might be the only way. 

Walmart drive-in

Walmart drive-in

We've heard of a wide range of facilities, from ski resorts to expo centers, being turned into makeshift drive-ins this summer. Even Walmart has announced that it’s transforming 160 of its parking lots this summer into drive-in theaters starting in August. With Electrify America charging at more than 120 Walmarts, we suspect at some of those stores you might be able to catch a movie and a recharge for yourself and the car.


h/t Tom Rimes via John Voelcker