Global electric vehicle sales won’t fall as much this year as the whole vehicle market. Tesla reportedly adds bidirectional charging hardware to its cars. And how much will you need to pay to get that Sonata Hybrid with the solar roof? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The latest annual long-term projections on the electric vehicle market from Bloomberg New Energy Finance anticipate that global EV sales will show some resilience—reflecting an 18% drop in 2020 versus 23% for the entire vehicle market. In a business where market share matters, that’s growth. 

Tesla, according to one teardown expert, appears to be building bidirectional AC charging capability into some of its vehicles, including some Model 3 sedans. The company hasn’t been as eager to embrace the grid-balancing and home-energy potential it presents, but now we’re curious to see how it fits in with the company’s upcoming million-mile battery

Hyundai has raised prices for its redesigned 2020 Sonata Hybrid—the one that achieves up to 52 mpg combined and has the best highway rating of any hybrid sedan. At the top of its lineup, it’s also the one that gets the exclusive Solar Roof System.

And at our partner site Motor Authority: There’s a fair amount of discussion this year from executives regarding synthetic fuels that combine CO2 with hydrogen from the electrolysis of water. Mercedes-Benz's R&D chief said this week that they aren’t viable in cars, even in the mid-term—and that electricity is a better solution.


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