McLaren aims for some electric-only range. Gas prices continue their plunge. Hyundai makes its concept a breath of fresh air. And we drove a very posh plug-in hybrid. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

A concept car from Hyundai hints that in the future, cars from the company might clean the air inside the vehicle—and even outside—while they charge. 

McLaren is developing a plug-in hybrid sports car that could offer 20 miles or more of range, and arrive later this year. The UK company has a history of avoiding the gas guzzler taxes that other supercar makers haven’t escaped. 

Gas prices are continuing their plunge downward—now below $2.00 on a national average—despite some volatility in the past week in oil prices, as the Trump administration attempts to keep refiners afloat. 

And GCR drove the 2020 BMW 745e plug-in hybrid, finding its propulsion choices somewhat puzzling but everything else about the car so very posh. 


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