Rivian could make an upcoming Lincoln electric SUV. GM discussed electric vehicle barriers. BMW and VW talk about how they’re focused on the details even though they’re not making battery cells. And are Uber and Lyft adding to pollution issues in big cities? This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

The first vehicle Ford is due to get through a partnership with electric truck maker RIvian will be badged a Lincoln, according to a report. 

Although BMW and Volkswagen don’t intend to make battery cells for their electric cars, they do want a high level of control over the engineering and cell-selection process—as well as the entire supply chain. 

GM president Mark Reuss earlier this week expressed in an op-ed penned for CNN, rounding up electric-car barriers—range, infrastructure, and cost, with 300 miles the range where consumers start to favor electrics. GM doesn’t have that product yet, though.

The ride-hailing operators Uber and Lyft are adding to air pollution issues, according to a new analysis and campaign supported by the Sierra Club and the European group Transport & Environment. Uber, which was especially criticized in the report, says that it’s aiming to integrate its services with public transit. 

And over at our companion site, take a look at the stars and supporting cast of the LA Auto Show, weighing heavily this year on small crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 Prime and electric vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach-E


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