Yesterday and today, we've got thoughts on electric-car charging during road trips, more impact from renewable micro-grids, some Tesla updates, and a poll on what we should spend less time covering. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

On Tuesday, we wrote about why charging stations on the road need to be much, much better than they are today to lure mass-market buyers into electric cars.

Today, we noted Tesla has changed the specs on its Model S and Model X electric cars—again—so that now they come only in all-wheel-drive variants.

German energy companies are starting to see erosion of their revenue from renewable mini-grids set up by a storage-battery provider.

The Volkswagen Moia electric mobility van has gotten less attention than concepts like the ID Buzz microbus, but it's electric too, and intended only for ridesharing use.

We also asked what topic we should cover less on Green Car Reports as we move into another year of green cars.

Famed sports-car designer McLaren is testing an all-electric car, but says production is still years away.

Finally, the standards have been upgraded again, so there's a new list of the safest cars on the market for 2018.


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