Today, Tesla and its impact on the German auto industry crop up in two very different reports, you can get $10,000 off an electric car (if you live in San Diego), and we honor Dull and Boring drivers. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

With continued attention on Tesla's latest product, we ask: is the BMW 3-Series the most direct competitor for the Tesla Model 3? Bolt EV and Leaf owners may have different ideas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected electric-car quotas, though even she sees "the end of the road" for cars with combustion engines.

Want $10,000 off the price of a Nissan Leaf or BMW i3 electric car? If you live in San Diego, it may be your lucky month.

They may have dodged a diesel bullet, but German carmakers are still facing their "iPhone moment," suggests one analysis.

The auto industry has long expected that Fiat Chrysler will be sold at some point; now, FCA has at least one Chinese suitor, with more perhaps in the wings.

Finally, for the headline alone: Jaguar let Dull and Boring people drive its F-Type R sports car.


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