Today, we've got upcoming plug-in hybrids from German luxury makes, another look at Tesla's sales plateau, and an educated assessment of the Lucid Air all-electric luxury sedan. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

After our piece a few days ago on Tesla's first-half sales, we took another look at whether sales of the Model S and Model X have plateaued, updating an article from four months ago with the latest information.

The 2019 Audi A8, the German brand's flagship large luxury sedan, will have a plug-in hybrid version, but every A8 will come with at least a mild-hybrid system as standard.

Its high-end sibling with the VW Group, Bentley, will offer a plug-in hybrid Bentayga SUV as well.

Finally, contributor David Noland reports at length on his visit to startup maker Lucid, and how a Tesla owner sizes up the Lucid Air all-electric luxury sedan it proposes to bring to market.

Waymo, Google's self-driving car research unit, is grappling with how an autonomous car can identify an emergency vehicle.

Finally, the old East German Trabants, with their two-stroke engines, were about as far from green as you could imagine.

Nevertheless, we've got a "Time Machine Test Drive" covering what it's like to explore Budapest in a Communist-era Trabant.

And if you want another time machine, back in 2010 we reviewed a 2009 Volkswagen CitiGolf, which will be better recognized by North Americans as the 1975 through 1984 VW Rabbit (aka first-generation Golf).


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