Today, we look at how far electric-car fast charging has expanded, look at the cost of controlling diesel emissions, and learn more about the schedule for Tesla cars to move further toward self-driving. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

What's it like to charge a Nissan Leaf wirelessly? We have the video from a six-month trial.

Keeping diesel vehicles legal and emission-compliant is getting a lot more expensive. For Europe, it'll cost Fiat Chrysler half a billion dollars, says its CEO Sergio Marchionne.

EVgo has almost 670 dual-standard U.S. fast-charging sites for electric cars, and BMW and Nissan helped fund some of them.

CEO Elon Musk says it'll be three to six months before Tesla Autopilot adds features that edge its electric cars closer to self-driving.

The EPA has been told to remove its climate-change page from the agency website, and employees are not permitted to communicate with the media or the public at all.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump met with U.S. automaker CEOs yesterday, suggesting he would slash environmental regulations and taxes in exchange for more U.S. auto plants.

Finally, small luxury cars are not only more fuel-efficient but a huge growth area for their makers: we compare the Acura ILX to the Audi A3.


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