Electric-car drivers can rely on several different locator apps to find nearby public charging stations as they travel.

While only a handful of public hydrogen fueling stations are operational at the moment, drivers of fuel-cell cars now have their own station-tracking app as well.

Hydrogen-infrastructure company Air Liquide launched the new app over the weekend, as part of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day event to promote fuel-cell vehicles.

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Earlier this year, the company had announced plans to construct a small network of fueling stations in the Northeast, marking the first significant expansion of U.S. hydrogen infrastructure outside California.

Similar to charging-station apps from Plugshare, ChargePoint, and others, Air Liquide's locator app lets drivers find the nearest hydrogen fueling station, and check its status.

The app also allows users to rate and review stations, and participate in an online community.

2017 Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai

Air Liquide may intend to rely on that community of users for real-time updates on station information, which will initially be provided by the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

The app is available for free to Apple iOS and Android users.

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It was launched in concert with "Let's Clear the Air," a new website from Air Liquide meant to promote hydrogen infrastructure.

Besides the Air Liquide locator app, drivers looking to keep track of hydrogen fueling stations the Alternative Fuels Data Center website run by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, 2016 Toyota Mirai at hydrogen fueling station, Fountain Valley, CA

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, 2016 Toyota Mirai at hydrogen fueling station, Fountain Valley, CA

It allows drivers to locate hydrogen fueling stations and electric-car charging stations, as well as a variety of alternative fuels.

The site currently lists 29 operating stations, most of which are in California.

The Golden State's public funding of hydrogen fueling infrastructure is why Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota have decided to limit sales of their fuel-cell cars to California for the time being.

If infrastructure and vehicle sales expand further, the locator services from Air Liquide and the EIA should prove very useful indeed.


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