Which huge global carmaker seems to have gone all Occupy Wall Street in its messaging?

And, what higher-range electric car in development now has its very own video?

This is our video look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, June 26, 2015.

Friday, we dissected GM's messaging around its upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV 200-mile electric car.

The company seems to target Tesla Motors when it says the electric Chevy will be "for regular people, not elites."

But, hey, what about Nissan--which, with its partner Renault, has now sold more than 250,000 electric cars?

On Thursday, that company's CEO Carlos Ghosn showed a prototype Nissan Leaf with about 250 miles of range.

At the company's annual meeting, he even played a video showing how that car would benefit drivers in their everyday routines.

Wednesday, our Tesla-owning author David Noland wrote about his puzzlement with the company's contradictory statements on local use of Supercharger fast charging.

On Tuesday, we covered Elio Motors' new approach to raising funds: It's now offering shares to so-called non-accredited small investors.

We started the week on Monday noting that the EPA had released the next round of rules for higher fuel economy in heavy trucks and buses, starting in 2021.

Over the weekend, we saluted the departure of the Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar after a production of ... 918 units, of course.

And finally, we attended this week's Detroit launch of the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, which is lighter, roomier, and more fuel-efficient.

No word yet on whether the U.S. will get a hatchback version as well, just as Europeans did for the last generation.

But we left confused about one point.

Why on earth did GM unveil the Cruze in the exact same deep metallic blue as it used on the 2016 Chevy Volt in January, which is about the same size?

We overheard one journalist say, "OK, so the Volt is the one with the silver grille" ... and we have to admit, the two cars do look kinda similar.

There's no plug on the Cruze, of course. And that's a deciding factor for many of our viewers.

Thanks for watching.


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