We've got lots of electric-car news today, including the chances of California joining the West Coast Electric Highway, new navigation features for the Tesla Model S, and a look at the 1972 BMW 1602e, the Bavarian brand's first electric car.

Check out the new Tesla Model S navigation features that Elon Musk claims will "end range anxiety."

The West Coast Electric Highway now covers much of Oregon and Washington, but will California join in?

Find out why Mitsubishi is giving up on sedans, and will instead focus on SUVs.

In other Mitsubishi news, an upcoming mid-cycle refresh could bring major refinements for the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, a new report claims.

Interested in the BMW i3 electric car? Everything you need to know is in our updated Ultimate Guide.

Or, for something more retro, check out BMW's first electric car, the 1602e from 1972.

Honda adds even more models to the already-massive Takata airbag recall.

Finally, Apple may not be the only non-automotive company looking to build electric cars. Richard Branson says Virgin has "teams of people" working on them, with an eye toward competing with Tesla.


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