We've got a whole host of green-car stories for Friday, including a startling one-off electric pickup truck, news on the latest relaunch plans for the Fisker Karma, and some analysis of green car sales--are they rising or falling?

All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Imagine, if you will, an all-electric Nissan Leaf that's also a pickup truck. Some Nissan test-track workers built one, and we've got the photos.

The world has very few diesel hybrids, but it's getting another one in the form of a Kia Optima mild-hybrid diesel concept to be shown at the Paris Motor Show.

General Motors has issued a recall for a few thousand natural-gas powered Chevrolet Express CNG and GMC Savana large vans because a regulator may allow gas to leak.

New owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the 2012 Fisker Karma sometime next year, though many hurdles remain.

Sales of green cars are rising. No, they're falling slightly. Which is right? It depends how you define green cars.

Following its German competitor Audi by only a day or two, Mercedes-Benz has been issued an autonomous car license as well.

And finally, police radar guns may soon tell officers whether you've been texting while you drive. Which is illegal. As you undoubtedly know.


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