There's more Tesla news today (of course), with the electric-car company winning a court battle to sell cars in Massachusetts but facing a grim prediction by one analyst of its Model 3 price three years now now.

Plus the smallest Mercedes is flying out of dealers, and a new French plug-in hybrid offers clues to future Nissans. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A noted battery-cost skeptic of long tenure weighs in on Tesla's next vehicle: He says the Tesla Model 3 will likely cost $50,000 to $70,000 in three years.

The smallest luxury car in its lineup, the Mercedes-Benz CLA compact sedan, logs stellar sales with the factory working flat out to build more.

The new Renault Eolab concept may point the way toward future Nissan plug-in hybrids; its electric motor is as powerful as its engine.

Tesla logged another win in its battle with state dealership groups; it's now legal for Tesla to operate its stores in Massachusetts.

Just a day after issuing a teaser photo, Ford has unveiled the restyled C-Max for Europe--though no word yet on U.S. updates or timing for the compact hybrid hatchback.

In other news, California issued Audi its first autonomous-car driving permit--and there's even video.

Surprisingly, Idaho has the rudest drivers in the U.S.--but who has the nicest ones?


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