Today on Green Car Reports: The BlueIndy electric-car sharing service debuts in Indianapolis, a new highway spending bill could permanently lock hybrids out of carpool lanes, and Tesla Motors is the largest automotive employer in California. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The BlueIndy electric-car sharing service launches in Indianapolis.

The new Smart ForTwo and ForFour will debut in July at an event in Berlin.

What's the largest auto-industry employer in California? Electric-car maker Tesla Motors, of course!

A proposed highway-spending bill would bar hybrids from carpool-lane incentives.

The 2014 BMW i3 REx extended-range electric car is being held at U.S. ports due to an error in printing "Monroney" documents--otherwise known as window stickers.

Toyota improves hybrid semiconductors for a claimed 10-percent gas-mileage gain.

Ford, Honda, and Toyota vehicles remain popular with car thieves, according to LoJack.

Finally, the sexy 2015 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid coupe apparently requires a Hollywood director to do it justice in ads.


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