We know electric-car owners will go to extraordinary lengths to plug in and recharge wherever the opportunity presents itself.

It may be for just a few minutes--a kilowatt-hour here and there--or it may be overnight. Sometimes even longer.

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Take the photo above, which shows a Chevy Volt driver who ran a cord from the charging port on the left-front fender, through the car's interior (held in place by the windows), up a light pole, over the sidewalk above pedestrian level, then back down into the yard of an adjacent house.


We're also fond of the one below, which shows an early Tesla Roadster charging at a utility plug buried deep in a parking structure in the Denver International Airport.

Tesla Roadster recharging at Denver International Airport, from SolarDave blog

Tesla Roadster recharging at Denver International Airport, from SolarDave blog

The owner left his electric sports car parked there for a few days back in 2009.

So what's the single most unusual place you've ever recharged your own car (or seen another car recharging)?

Send us your photos!

To explore the ingenuity of plug-in electric drivers--some might call it craftiness, others even deviousness--we're turning that question into a contest.

Send us photos of the oddest, most remote, most unusual place you've ever recharged, or seen someone else recharging.

The winner, as determined solely by us, will get some sort of prize (which we haven't actually figured out yet).

We enjoy stories of what you may have seen others doing. But, to enter the contest--as they say--"Pics or it didn't happen."

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To submit your entry, please e-mail one to three photos in JPG format to this address: john (at) highgearmedia (dot) com.

Be sure to include details like the location, date, and how you happened to be there--along with your own name and city.

And please, PLEASE: Use the subject line "Charging Photo Contest" so we're sure to see all the entries.

Over to you, electric-car-charging pioneers.


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